This System is used mainly for 2 Channel Music, but is set up for 5.1 Home Theater sound around vintage 70's components. The Panasonic DVD Player has a built in Surround sound processor with separate analog outputs for each channel. The 2 main outputs go to the Marantz 2265B bottom receiver, and the rear channels are piped to the Marantz 2226B (top) The Center Channel connects to a set of AR-570 Powered Speakers witha Y adaptor. There is an input switch which switches the AR's to the Stereo outpots on the TV, and The Stereo outputs on the TV are also connected to the Marantz 2265B for "full room" stereo sound. My PC also runs to the Aux output on the 2265B
through an inpupt multiplier
switch box for those great commercial free internet radio stations.

I will probably be adding XM satellite radio in the near future, and upgrade the KLH 17's to AR 5's I just love that classic New England sound lol.