The HD upgrade is complete!

Main Speakers: Paradigm Reference Studio 40 v.2
Center Speaker: Paradigm Reference Studio CC v.2
Surround Speakers: Paradigm Reference Studio 20 v.2
Subwoofer: Adire Audio Rava

Receiver: Yamaha RX-V800
Turntable: Dual CS5000
Cartridge: Ortofon OM30 Super
DVD Universal Player: Denon DVD-758 (DVD/SACD/DVD-A 1080p upscaling player similar to DVD-1940ci)
Blu-ray/Wireless Media Player: Sony Playstation 3
Parametric Equalizer: Behringer Feedback Destroyer DSP1124 (for subwoofer)
Video Game: Sony Playstation 2
HDTV: Panasonic VIERA TH-C50FD18 (50" 1080p plasma, similar to TH-50PZ80U)
SACD/CD Changer: Sony ES SCD-C2000ES
Satellite Receiver/DVR: Directv HR22 (480i/480p/720p/1080i HDMI output with 1080p extension for PPV)
Satellite Dish: Directv Slimline5
HDMI Switch: Oppo Digital HM-31
Universal Remote: Logitech Harmony 650

Audio Racks: Salamander Synergy 40 Single plus 40 extension unit, and 30 Twin, plus add-ons
TV Wall Mount: Simplicity SLF1-B1 (Full swing and telescoping mount, 55" and 125 lb. capacity)
Main Speaker Stands: Premier S-series (18" height)
Surround Speaker Stands: Sound Anchor Adjustable Studio Stand (7" to 45" variable height, prefilled, with 100 lb. load capacity)
Speaker Isolation: Mod Squad Tip Toes (the original cone isolators, currently used on the center speaker)
Cabling: Blue Jeans Cable, AR, CSW, Radio Shack, and Monster interconnects; Monster biwire and 14 gauge bulk cord speaker cables with banana plugs
Surge Suppressor/Line Filter: Monster HTS-850
Sound Meter: Radio Shack analog SPL meter
Video/Audio Calibration Discs: Digital Video Essentials (NTSC), and Sound & Vision Home Theater Setup DVD;page_number=1
Test Tone CD: Stryke Basszone Test CD, Vol. 1
Headphones: Grado SR60

Acoustic Panels: USG Radar 2'x4'x0.5" acoustic ceiling panels
Add-Ons: Weyerhauser pine hobby wood strips, 2" C-clamps, cotton rag cloth, and hot glue
Suspension: pine picture molding, picture molding hooks, and 50# fishing line.