A very nice AV Receiver, but dated. No HDMI, but Hi-Res audio capability via the 7.1 analog input. And it is HDCD compatible.
It does have a feature I believe to be unique to older Marantz Receivers. ADDC (Adaptive Dual Differential Control). The SR9300 incorporates the most advanced Digital Signal Processing circuitry, along with a CrystalŽ
192 kHz/24 bit D/A converter in each of the seven channels. When reproducing 2 channel stereo,
these DACs are automatically switched in dual differential mode, to perform the highest quality D/A
conversion. 2 channel reproduction does sound good. Seperates good?! Maybe not, but it's close entry level separates. It's definitely better than the majority of the AV Receivers out there, if not all. Just an opinion.