New SRPP linestage preamp, utilizing an 80W Ei power supply transformer, dual NOS M.B.L.E. 2HYS chokes, dual NOS MEPCO/Electra 250uF electrolytic capacitors, along with point-to-point wiring, paper-in-oil AC coupling capacitors, 1% red metal-film resistors, and a 23-step attenuator with 1/4W (1%) resistors. One pair output, three pair input RCA jacks. Power AC cord is a heavy-duty 3' SignalCable MagicPower. Four solid brass Dayton Audio isolation cones. Frequency response: 20Hz-100kHz. S/N ratio: 96dB. Output voltage: 2.0V RMS (max 25.0V RMS).

Tube compliment:

Matched pair NOS '50s RCA 6SN7GTB blackplate SRPP amplifier tubes.

NOS 1958 RCA OC3 ST-shaped regulator tube.

NOS 1967 RCA OD3 ST-shaped regulator tube.

NIB '50s Mullard GZ30 (5Z4GT) rectifier tube.

(I'm content with the tube rolling thus far with this unit; the RCA 6SN7GTB blackplates are considered one of the best of this type, so too is the Mullard rectifier. The NOS gas-regulators are fine examples of RCA craftsmanship, emitting a pinkish-purple glow!)