I hate this hobby, at the same time enjoy every bit of it, I moved to a new house, the room is not big, so far thatís all I Got, My music is base on Jazz, Focal Jazz, Female vocal "JazzĒ, pop rock, etc I enjoy music all over the world, any suggestion, Iíve been working to get a Ok system, it donít really matter how much money you spent, on your system, little by little, you see your self spending MORE, MORE,MOREÖ.And More, you are looking for the WOW thing, you know, when your friends come over your house, youíre waiting for them to say, WOW dude, that is a great System, and sound great too, In your mind, is ok, well here is my system, Iíve put together, upgrade, new Pre-amp, new Clear Audio Turntable, new cartridge from Benz ACE, Speakers not new, but second owner, from Vandersteen speakers, I know, I not quite done yet, so Iím looking forward for some input and see what nextÖ.